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02-22-2013, 04:05 PM
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Breaking It Down
With Pleeb Smeeber

Hi, and welcome to Breaking It Down, I'm Pleeb Smeeber and today we're talkin to talk to Montreal Canadiens General Manager, Killem Dafoe. The Canadiens were fairly quiet as the trading gates flew open yesterday evening and many thought perhaps the Habs weren't looking to do anything at all. Of course, as well all know, that is simply not the case as The Canadiens announced earlier this afternoon one of the bigger trades in years had occurred, landing them elite D-man Shea Weber from the Nashville Predators.

Q: Is this something you knew you had to do?

A: Absolutely, Shea Bear is an elite talent and any club would be lucky to have him. We knew we needed to do two things, get bigger and tougher and add another huge shot from the blue line. I think we get both those things here.

Q: Now what about these rumors I've heard about you guys looking to upgrade at wing? I've heard some rumblings that maybe you've been in talks with Chicago and Edmonton about grabbing yourself an upgrade, maybe a RW?

A: That's none of your business.

Q: What about letting go of Eller? Diaz? How easy was that to do?

A: It's never easy to tell a kid he's been traded. But he knows it's what's best for this club and this is a team who wants to win now. Diaz understands and he's a big fan of blue grass music or Elvis or some **** so I'm sure he'll love it there.

Q: Ok, what about Rene Bourque? Obviously he wasn't fitting in too well last season, now he gets a fresh start in Nashville. What does he think about that?

A: I don't know Smeeber, why don't you ask him? You get that through your head? Next Question. No? K.

The interview didn't last long, but we can tell from Mr. Dafoe, who is a man of just the right amount of words, that this move for the Canadiens means they are certainly looking ahead to the future and adding an elite talent like Weber helps them with that for sure. Hal Gill adds some size and top prospect Pontus Aberg will surely be an exciting player to watch some day as well. This has been Breaking It Down, I'm Pleeb Smeeber. Until next time.

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