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Originally Posted by Nicky Santoro View Post
not only that. only 75 milion people in the U.S have hockey in their state and grew up with it.. whereas all 300 million in U.S have basketball and grew up with it. so basically, NBA should outbeat NHL by 4x.. yet the gap on the phi/pit was only 200k.. lol it should have been 3.6 mil to 900k.. hockey is doing great. but this is why hockey can never compete with NBA cause there's just way more people familiar with baskets than hockey. so hockey is doing great. we are playing short handed.. like playing against a 5 on 3 powerplay all game.. we stand a very slim chance. but we're doing great. if hockey was played in Kentucky, Nebraska, Utah, and many many more states, we'd be kicking the NBA's ass. all we really have is the north east and some parts of midwest, whereas the NBA has the whole country..also, we don't have the blacks and hispanics like the nba does. and that hurts..

and that's why it's going to be tough to beat the NBA ever.
for the amount of viewers the nba gets, they really are not doing that good, or that maybe hockey is just doing so good
UNO has a good college hockey program. The old UND coach. They have excellent attendance as well. Just......not many people living there!

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