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02-22-2013, 04:41 PM
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Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
So many replies to choose from. So I will quote yours since yours gets to the heart of the matter.

But hiya doin' One Sharp Marble.

I will start by saying that my sentiments regarding Eller are related to Montreal, not any other NHL team.

I will repeat again that Eller played a terrible game last night. He played in his comfort zone....the inability to make smart passes killed a power play and stopped a developing odd man rush in its tracks. And these types of plays have been very common regarding Eller through his career in Montreal.

Eller is best suited to be on the 4th line in Montreal. He is not better than Pleks for obvious reasons. His playmaking is well short of DD's. So that leaves two lines for Eller to play on, the third and fourth.

Lets look at the third line. When Gallagher comes back, do you put Eller with Gally and Chuckie? There is a reason both of those players are developing. Brandon Prust is giving them that opportunity. Look at what Prust did last night to help Eller. Would Eller do the same to help one of the Gallys? Hell no.

So leave the line the way it is when Gallagher gets back, right?

WHY? Gallagher has a MUCH larger upside than Eller. Galchenyuk has an even greater upside than Eller. Why should either Gally be moved to the 4th line? They are a bigger piece of the future success for the Habs than Eller ever will be.

So that leaves Eller as the 4th line Montreal. To do otherwise would be foolish.
You know what is foolish ? Your line of thinking.

-No forward on this team is better than Plekanec, why even bring it up?
-Eller has played way above DD's level for 10 games now.
-Eller has the potential to be exactly what Plekanec is ATM(refer to my first point)
-Plekanec, at the same age was penciled as a 3rd liner shutdown winger because he had ''tunnel vision
-Eller has way better all-round game than any other C not named Plek.
-DD doesnt have the shooting or the hands or the skating or the size or the defensive game or the grit that Eller brings (See what I did there ?)

Don't take anything I've said here seriously, because I'm just making a fool out of you. (While my points are still pretty much all valid.)

Originally Posted by Maelpj View Post
Like you, I'm judging the play of Eller objectively and don't see him like the Top 6 foward that everybody on this board seems to think.

But you can still let him on the 3rd line if you move Cole or Gionta on the 3rd line.

Gallagher - DD - Pacman
Bourque - Plek - Gionta
Galchenyuk - Eller - Cole
Prust - White - Moen

But then you loose the protection and the energie that Prust bring to the 3rd line.
It's not about top 6 or not. He clearly need's more development to be a good top 6 player and I think nobody ever said other wise. It's about the quality of some players in our top 6 and the wasted talent on the fourth line.

For the record, I think we'd all be fine with Eller getting 3rd line minutes and some PP time once in a while.

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