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02-22-2013, 04:47 PM
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Originally Posted by FTDD View Post
Sorry, it's sometimes hard to assess a posters intent sometimes and I agree, all we're doing here is discussing the situation that took place.

I haven't felt that anyone has crossed any lines whatsoever and furthermore, I would say that anyone who feels otherwise not just post and run but to try and articulate there concerns in such a way that others might better be able to comprehend just why they feel this way.

I understand totally with regards to the use being a last resort, without actually being there and only going on what information has been made available to date, wouldn't you say that the situation was pretty dire and using a jacket as a makeshift tourniquet was indeed approaching if not past the "last resort" stage?

The bold above is where I'm having difficulty understanding your point of view ref. tourniquets. I think he was in a life and death situation, I also think that the bleed was so critical that they had to use something to staunch the flow. If it's life or damage to tissue or nerve I think the answer is an easy one.

As for your example of the improper tourniquet use, that should not have been allowed to happen. It sounds like the Medic didn't know what they we're doing as well. You don't let someone crank a tourniquet on you that tight, especially when it's not required (for obvious reasons).

I can't imagine how that scenario played out.

Medic "Ok, slip the tourniquet over my leg, fasten the velcro, and turn to tighten, ok that's tight enough.....ok I can't feel my leg you can really you can stop now..."

Something strange about that...
It was an officer that did it. How else could that have happened?

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