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About Yourself
Name: Jayson
Age: 25
Location: Middle of Illinois
Origin of Screen Name: Name

Hockey Background
Years Playing: Started when I was 3, played til 20. Took few years off, starting back up this year. So.. 17ish?
Current Team: Adult
Current League: Adult A/B
Highest Level Played: High school Varsity
Current Level: Adult
Position: LW
Type of Player: Pass first kind of guy.
Player You Emulate: Oh idk.

Current Gear
Helmet: Bauer 5100
Shoulders: Easton EQ 20
Elbows: Oldschool Jofa's
Shins: Bauer 2000s
Pants: Oldschool CCMs
Gloves: Bauer Vapor X 5.0
Skates: Bauer Vapor X 5.0
Stick: Miken Razor9 and few Easton two-piece

Hobbies: Hockey, Dogs and FPS Games
TV: Hockey and anything sports related.
Music: Alternative/90's/Rock
Food: Anything healthy and of course, pasta.
Drinks: Water, Milk and Gatorade
Hockey Team: Blackhawks
Hockey Player: Toews with Kane a close 2nd.

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