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Originally Posted by Bluenote13 View Post
You did nail it DG.

If I'm 'coming around' cause the kid actually has shown me something this year. Since he was drafted he's given me little to go on, now we see him playing a solid defensive game(most nights) in the A, thats a big deal, bigger than beating up on WHL midgets.

This is the problem.

My fear is that the only reason he was picked #10 in that draft was exactly because of that incident. I know, I know, that seems so unbelievable right?

I think theres a few reasons we have not seen someone like DM in our organization for awhile. One, there's not enough players like this in all of hockey much less in every draft. And if they are available they are usually hard to get or expensive FA's. Secondly, most teams that have a player that deters others from taking 'liberties' have forwards who do that, not Dmen that are counted on to play top 4 minutes.

I played hockey, have watched hockey for a long time. I don't think a single player stops any team from doing what they want. Now a collectively tough team, thats when you see other teams not want to pull punches.
Have you watched him I just got the chance to look and you didn't actually say yes you seemed to imply that you hadn't. Actually everything you said up until "He's shown me something this year" indicated you hadn't seen him at all this year. I was trying to figure out what your take was. You seemed to be saying Beacon was way too forthcoming with praise and then you seemed to be saying the same about nyr2k but you have yet to say a singleword of analysis about him. It'd certainly be much more fair and fun if you countered beacon's assessent of the game that you questioned him on by giving your own analysis y'know? The other guy passive aggressively called you biased as hell too which I've kinda gathered lol.

AAaaaaaanyway my initial thought was about Beacon "Wow this is great news I wonder if everyone agrees on this?"

Then you go "You're too excited Beacon" and I'm thinking oh goodie here's some more info but then....nothing...I was dissappointed yet relieved b/c it means hopefully there is no reason for you to contradict the glowing reviews. Question their validity and the sample size yes (as I did) but not contradict them

PS I'm worried I'm riding your a** but hopefully I explained why I was questioning your skepticism. I want answers dammit!

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