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Originally Posted by DL44 View Post
Very similar incident when Porter got hit for 4 games for his knee on Booth.

With the new suspension video the NHL released today... it would look pretty silly if Hall got anything less than 3 or 4.

Take a look at the following video... it could almost double as one for Hall.

Key points
- Kneeing
- Injury
- No History

Big differences:
- Potential severity of injury as it appears right now. (as stated in today's video doesn't effect whether there is or not a suspension, only the length of one) A severe charlie horse could be career threatening if it calcifies.. so hopefully he's fine.
- Malicious intent. Shanny specifically discussed the state of the game, the situation and how basically it didn't support a belief he meant to injure.. Hall may have the situation of the game not in his favor for his incident...

The league and Shanny would look completely foolish and render that whole video worthless PR bullcrap if they don't give Hall 2-4 games while even using clips of the Porter hit on Booth in the freakin video they just released..

I'll predict 3 games..
since i'm not sure how much of a roll Booth's injury played in the Porter suspension (i.e. did it take a 1 gm and turn it into a 4, or 3 gm and turn it into a 4)
I was locked into 4 games till learning his ligaments are in tact.
You talking about this video released December 8, 2011?

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