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Originally Posted by flameaholic View Post
Because you don't sound like a guy that has seen him play, or maybe you just don't know anything about hockey.

Maybe you should just stick to watching soccer.
just because im dutch dosent mean all i know about is soccer, to tell you the truth i dont know a damn thing about it...i cheer for the Netherlands in the world cup just like you canadians cheer for Canada @ the Olympics, because we love our homelands...hell i wasent even born there like the rest of my family i just lived there, i was born in London Canadian but Dutch @ heart...

Originally Posted by MVW View Post
So your job in life is to watch NHL games? How do I sign up for that?

That is one of most ridiculous and untrue comments I have ever heard on HF.
i work for the nhl`s head office as a Social Media Producer, thats y i get to watch all the might know it as the war room but its the video center to can send your resume to our office @ 50 Bay St., Toronto, Ontario M5J 3A5 or call and ask about openings (416) 359-7900...i started as an intern so there are no garentees your gonna get a paying job right away, i was there for almost a yr before i got hired on full time...

Originally Posted by Petes2424 View Post
There's a major improvement in Bouwmeester's game this year coupled with more consistancy. If you watch every game, it's not hard to tell. People say those things due to the same internet talking points being used from years before. That's why they're always told to watch the games.
oh ok, thanx for clearing that up for me...

Originally Posted by Fan Of Every Anton View Post

He's overpaid, but if Calgary keeps ~half that cap hit in a trade, he becomes a very valuable addition to a team. Calling him "not that good a d-man," is just false.

That's just an outrageous post all-around.
he is only a top paring d-man on the weakest teams in the league like Calgary is, and i agree at half price he would be a valuable addition to a contender but on that team he would be a 3-6 d-man on the depth chart and not a top paring guy...if ur picking him up to build ur defence around or to be a top guy then that team is gonna be dissapointed just like the flames were...he is not some 1 that will lead u to the playoffs or even lead ur defence in scoring every season cause he is so streaky of a scorer...not worth the $ he makes and not worth much of a return past a 2nd, a so so prospect and maybe a bottom 6 roster most...

Originally Posted by wally31 View Post
Buddy, you need to get some fresh air! Maybe a girlfriend?
lmfao...i like this im married with 3 kids...i could use a vacation to get some fresh for the girlfriend ill take 1 just dont tell my wife k

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