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02-22-2013, 05:17 PM
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We're live here in New Jersey where Ilya Kovalchuk has just been named the 11th captain in team history.

We go live to Brooksie who is with GM, coach, and all around Honcho, Machinehead.

B: "What made you decide on Kovalchuk for team captain?"

M: "Well Brooksie, we were looking for a guy to carry the torch long term. He's locked up for a long time and he's the face franchise."

B: "No question he is the face of the franchise but how do you feel about him as a leader?"

M: "I think he's a tremendous leader. His game has matured over the years and nobody brings more passion to the game than Ilya. He's been a captain in this league before and we feel he can take us to where we wanna go."

B: "What about Salvador?"

M: "He'll be wearing an A"

B: "Do you think being stripped of the C will affect him at all?"

M: "If he doesn't like it he can sit on a cactus."

B: "Where would you get a cactus?"

M: "None of your business"

B: "Are the rumors true that you're close to a deal with Toronto?"

M: "You'll have to ask Toronto about that, I run this team here in New Jersey."

B: "How do you see the team finishing?"

M: "We're taking it one game at a time"

B: "Any predictions?"

M: "Next question"

B: "How do feel about the other teams in the Atlantic?"

M: "I don't run those teams. Ask them."

B: "But I'm asking you."

M: "Next question."

B: "What can you tell us about Brodeur's new diet where his number of bon-bon cakes per day will be reduced from 18 to 16?"

M: "I don't know ask Marty"

B: "This seems like kind of a waste of time then."



Thank you for the fish, Dan Girardi!
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