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02-22-2013, 05:21 PM
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As frustrated as I was with him being on the 4 on 3 (and I've been defending Gio in this thread), he did do many good things and kept it simple as well as a hard fore/backcheck. I watched everything he did very very closely due to this recent bashing. There were times when I understood that people were annoyed with the typical slapshot/wristshot from the circles. At the same time, those used to go in, believe it or not (past 3 seasons). He retrieved the puck more often than not and made some solid D plays. If Patch had finished the hat trick by just tapping it in the right direction (cannot believe that miss after such strong finishing on the two goals prior), game would likely have been won there and everyone would be...relieved. Just saying, everyone has been missing the "easy" ones and tbh, Bourque has been playing great, but I've not really seen a tape to tape pass from him to Gio. They both sort of throw it at the net hoping for something good like a tip or jumping on a rebound from the other. It also just seems like Pleks feels more comfortable with Gio.

Anyway, I didn't think he had a horrible game by any means. Could have been better, but he's definitely not the reason we lost. (Apart from the absence of PK or Eller if you need a fwd on the 4 on 3 with the game on the line.) I think with Gio you just have to accept that he's not going to be flashy and will abide by the KISS rule, with some clutch GWGs coming up. Book it.

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