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02-22-2013, 05:29 PM
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Originally Posted by hototogisu View Post
You miss the point so aggressively when you're waiting to launch into your regurgitated pro-enforcer spiels that I'm convinced you do it on purpose. Re-read the conversation but this time, put an ounce of thought into it.

So lets look at the conversation.

Kimota says that Orr gives the Leafs players more courage. You respond with this.........

Originally Posted by hototogisu View Post
You realize, of course, that Orr also played 82 games and racked up 240 PIMs for them the year they finished second-to-last in the league...right?
And I respond that it takes talent to be a winning hockey team.

So to respond to your "aggressive" post to me, I will simply ask you this.

What are you really trying to say? Can you be more clear instead of posting some sarcastic reply to Kimota?

That should not require more than an ounce of thought from you either.


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