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Originally Posted by Big Phil View Post
Backtracking a bit, if they were going to induct a 5th Islander I think it should have been either one of Goring or Tonelli over Gillies. A lot of us think this way too, not saying they should be in there but if you had to pick just one of the three, I don't think anyone picks Gillies first. So just to remind people, Goring has been mentioned the odd time in HHOF discussions on this particular site, so he isn't crazy. He was a wonderful two-way player and tenacious on the ice and yet he only had 98 penalty minutes. He is exactly what I think of when I think of a Lady Byng winner. Tough, hard working but clean and fair.

Now, onto Elias. I wouldn't put him in there. I know there are a few Devils fans on here that can't understand why but I feel he lacked the amount of elite seasons to get considered. There will be enough players even from Elias' generation to get (or flirt with) 1000 points that will be left out. I am not saying Elias wasn't a good player for the Devils when they won their Cups. However, that team was a lot like the 2011 Bruins had the Bruins maintained a string of success. They were built from the net out. You have Thomas and Chara as the key players. Then you looked to the forwards. On the Devils you had Stevens and Brodeur and maybe even Niedermayer. Then you had the forwards and to be honest in 2000 and 2001 Sykora wasn't any worse than Elias so I don't think Elias stands out quite at the level that some might remember him. No one went into a series against the Devils thinking Elias would beat them. He was there and all, but Stevens was the key first and foremost. Then Brodeur.
This nonsense again?

1999-00 regular season: Elias: 72 points, Sykora: 68 points
2000 playoffs: Elias: 20 points, Sykora 17 points

2000-01 regular season: Elias: 96 points, Sykora 81 points
2001 playoffs: Elias 23 points, Sykora 22 points.

Elias outscored Sykora, while also acting as the primary puck carrier and primary defensive presence on their line. The A-line was often used head-to-head against the best lines of opponents (only the Gomez-Mogilny line was sheltered defensively), yet still had some of the best plus-minuses in the league. Elias's defensive game was the main reason why - Arnott was okay defensively and Sykora wasn't all that good.

And of course, Elias had some great seasons after the two were separated and Sykora didn't.

I guess the Flyers in 2000 made the mistake of not thinking Elias would beat them.

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