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Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
So lets look at the conversation.

Kimota says that Orr gives the Leafs players more courage. You respond with this.........
He's right. It gives courage. Never would Kadri have dropped the gloves without Orr, McLaren and a bunch of other players ready to back him up.

But we need to ask ourselves what kind of courage this is. The same kind of courage that Marchand has in Boston. The courage to disturb, the courage to give that extra hit or punch, the courage to intimidate the one's smaller than you (not talking about Kadri), knowing that someone will back you up if a bigger guy goes after you.

It doesn't gives you the courage to play harder, finish your check, play the body, clear the net, skate hard, drive the net, etc. That has nothing to do with an enforcer. It's the difference between toughness and grit. Plekanec is not tough, but he's gritty and he doesn't need an enforcer for it.

That being said, I love the way Toronto plays. The reason for their success is not that they have an enforcer, it's that their whole identity is based on toughness (even Kadri bought into it). Just like the Bruins and the Ducks when they won the cup.

What makes you win game is a strong identity. But it doesn't have to be about toughness. Detroit and Pittsburgh won the cup with talent and hard work. Montreal had success with a team identity based on the PP for years.

It doesn't matter what is your identity, but you gotta find one to be effective. At the moment, Habs identity cannot be about toughness. They would have to trade away half the team. Adding an enforcer wouldn't be significant. They have to look in another direction.

That being said, I'm not against adding an enforcer as a 13th forward. I just don't think it's needed right now, nor that it would have the positive effect some think it would have.

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