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02-22-2013, 06:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Professor John Frink View Post
I'm not really sure why this is being brought up now. Because of Burke coming back?

Anyway, I'll bite.

You can be sick of that rationale all you want. It doesn't change the fact that we could have kept Lupul, Gardiner and Beauchemin. I think overall people's issue with Murray is his asset management.

But you aren't entirely wrong. Beauchemin only played 20 games the season before he became a UFA. To throw a bunch of money at him would have been tough. But if anyone should have seen his overall value, it should have been Murray. On top of this, if he was in fact worth Lupul and Gardiner Murray should have signed him in the first place. I'd argue not very many thought it was a great trade. I know I certainly didn't like it. Mainly because it was just terrible asset management. Trading away two first round picks for a guy who you could have just signed is a big problem. A problem that the Ducks had because our defense was young inexperienced and weak.

Murray had to fire Carlyle or risk getting fired himself. I don't think it took huge balls to do so. And he gave Fasth a one year one million dollar deal to be our backup based on what scouts recommended. He gets credit for getting it done. But I doubt he was the one consistently scouting Fasth in Europe.

I don't like Murray, never will. So I am biased, but it's impossible for me to complain about this offseason. Clearly the moves he has made have worked.
Lupul was an anchor on our payroll after the bizarre injury situation, Murray like any GM has done some good things and bad, I think that's the nature of the position. luckily we're starting to get some contributions from kids he drafted, i'm honestly pretty surprised no other team has scooped up Martin Madden to be their assistant GM or something.

I'm happy that we've found a role for Cogliano, I would still like to get a little tougher up front, find that Chris Neil kind of guy who is an effective bottom 6'er, can chip in some goals and play tough. Beleskey is trying to do it atleast

What will determine Murray's future is how he handles this Perry and Getzlaf situation, can he allow them to test free agency? we'll find out

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