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07-14-2006, 05:27 PM
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To set the record strait, I don't know a lot about football players around the world.. I post on a hockey sites because I watch hockey first and formost. Now because of the world cup, I got interested and started seeing and learning a few players. I ran across the clip of Materazzi this week and just count believe the things I saw. I didn't post to show and say that Italy shouldn't have won the world cup! I just couldn't believe someone could do some of the things he did to other HUMAN beings. I didn't really go into the Zidane headbutt because as much as I knew from the guy, he had a short fuse, but would never really try to injure a player where he may not be able to play again like those vicious knee stomps Materazzi did. I think that a lot of people in the world have already been upset at one time and may have over reacted as Zidane did. So some can forgive him easier then others. Why 10 min before the end of the game that wasn't still lost by any means? Only Zidane will know. But his intention was not to go out and hurt people. He just got mad and lost it... I still think he was wrong. but what I didn't like about Materazzi is that he seems to do it intentionaly. his tackles and kicks are premeditated.. That was my beef. Not because Italy won the world cup with him on the team. Besides, my family is Italian.. And I never said Zidane was a saint. I just said Materazzi may have had it coming. But I don't watch football that much. If this is somewhat common, it's sad...

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