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02-22-2013, 06:38 PM
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Originally Posted by almostawake View Post
I've watched almost every game Horton has played in a Bruins jersey. I would not be in favour of the Jets signing him.

Horton fits perfectly with the guys he plays with in Boston (Krejci and Lucic) but he has not been as good away from those guys.

I think that away from Boston Horton would probably keep his production up, but he would be a much less effective player (in terms of not only scoring but also keeping the puck out of the net).

His size and strength make him exceptionally well suited for the puck possession style his line plays. Lucic's nastiness also makes a lot of room for Horton and occasionally rubs off on him.

Perhaps to compare to a guy that came out of the same system in Wheeler, Wheeler is a guy that was held back by the system where as Horton is a guy that thrives in it.

I think Horton could be highly effective on another team, but he'd need a center like Getzlaf, or Thornton, or even a lesser guy like Ribeiro. On the Jets he'd probably be most effective with Antropov as his center. But is Antropov really going to be around?

Basically, I don't think the Jets have the personnel to pair him with to really get their monies worth at the rate he'll go at on the open market.
He still has a country mike and a half to go but...when I think of what Scheifele could be, David Kreiji seems to be an ideal comparison to my untrained eye?? Is Horton a good PP guy? Seems like no one besides Chara really is on that team.

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