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02-22-2013, 06:55 PM
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Originally Posted by SmurfInABlender View Post
I have to eat crow. (#1) I was fully under the belief that Duchene would never show top 5 draft pick skills. It just looks like he wasn't cut out to really lead this team. But something lit a fire for him and (#2) he's proving everyone wrong.
#1 Even after a 55 point first season and a 67 point second season, in which he out paced and out played the #1 over all pick for two years straight?

#2 Trying to make yourself feel better here? Speak for yourself and not everyone.

- Yes Duchene's attitude needed work, and he needed to mature a bit.

- No Duchene's work ethic didn't need work. (He played injured the last 20 games of the year so we could all talk **** about him being a third line center and not producing.) His stats would look a lot better without those games played wouldn't they? Would you be good at back-checking if you were playing on a busted knee on one leg and a busted ankle on the other?

Hes using his line-mates better yes, but hes also being given better players to use as well. So it's a combination of growth and what was already there for me. Not some revelation like some people are suggesting.

His attitude has changed, as in hes matured a bit. It's not as if he ever had conditioning issues either. But he is in even better shape...

I'd like to see people admit they were WRONG about him, and not saying they were wrong about his potential and blah blah, excuses and *******s, something lit a fire under him. Just say "I was wrong, and gave up on him too early" anything less is a weak attempt at humility.

I got so fn tired of some people screaming "Trade Duchene!" "O'Reilly is the future!", and those people know who they are.

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