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02-22-2013, 07:27 PM
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Yeah I'm honestly not really "number" crunching, kinda just glancing over simple attendance statistics that are available on ESPN, for all I know there not even accurate as they are going back like 10 years.

Just think all things equal including talent, wins etc. the Nuggets would be the 2nd team, perhaps that's just because basketball is simply the more popular sport so like you said it appeals to the casual fans. I wrote alot and don't feel like re-reading but I believe I did say that the Avalanche did peak higher with the sell out records. Look at that roster tho. Bronco fans might give me **** but the best Denver core of All-Time is that Avalanche core IMO. I'm a huge fan of all 3 so no bias, give me Sakic/Foppa/Roy over Elway and co. Nuggets have what like Alex English? Deke? Carmelo? ... rolling with Ty Lawson and Gallo right now

Just my personal opinion, maybe I'm wrong and the Nuggets are distance 3rd. Just has never seemed that way to me besides those years with the Avs. I also don't believe no matter what teams wins anything that the Broncos will be dethroned. Nuggets/Avs could do whatever and they'd still be the talk of the city. NFL DOMINATES the US and Denver is big on football.

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