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02-22-2013, 07:37 PM
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Originally Posted by MNWILDFAN001 View Post
That is true. I liked how Coyle did when he was up here. I thought he did well the things I criticize Heatley for, getting in on the forecheck and winning puck battles. Just lacked the finishing touch.

Part of his job is to get in a scoring position. It's easy to cover someone that is just standing there. You need to get involved with the play. Sometimes help out in corners, win puck battles, recover loose pucks, get in on the forecheck so we don't have one man(Parise) putting pressure on 2 defensemen.
I am not saying Heatley is useless, but he is kind of a one-trick pony. And if we had someone with more of those other abilities that mentioned, then that 1st line would be even better. I think if Coyle develops a better scoring touch, he could be a good fit up there.
he's in a "scoring position" more often than anyone else. it may not look good to people because he's often tied up with defenders but he's where he is supposed to be, and gets enough shots off despite the attention. There is no chance in hell Coyle would be the threat Heatley is on that line. If you had someone with Heatley's shot + all those other things you'd have Heatley in his prime, and you aren't going to find one of those laying around anywhere. nor do we have one in the system, unfortunately.

Imagine if defenders left Heatley alone as consistently as we leave other teams' forwards un-touched. he'd have a million points! be careful not to look at how guys from other teams look like they're getting constant "good" shots off and blaming heatley for not getting them off as cleanly; it's more a symptom of our passive defense than any relative skill disparity between their shooters and Heatley.

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