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02-22-2013, 07:41 PM
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Originally Posted by biturbo19 View Post
It's interesting and last night was certainly a promising start for that look. I had been saying since before last season that Ballard was the guy who made most sense for a switch to the right side. And was also suggesting this summer that Ballard could be a good fit alongside Garrison, as he's about the closest thing we have to a player like Campbell who Garrison clearly clicked with. Campbell skated Garrison out of a lot of trouble last year, and if Ballard can continue his standard of play this year and switch to the right side while doing it...there's the potential for his outstanding skating to help Garrison out in much the same way. Looking forward to seeing how the two of them do against a really 'opportunistic' team like the Preds tonight.

The problem is...while it's fine for this year, moving forward with an $8.8M 'bottom-pairing' is awfully tough to stomach.
I think it was mentioned that that pairing only played a bit less than the other 2, so it's not as big of a difference as it may seem.
Originally Posted by CanucksOo View Post
Also per Murph, they were a d-pair for around 20 games in Florida.
Interesting... perhaps Ballard also played the right side then? If he can adjust his game to the right moving forward we could have solved our playing-side issue with the D.

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