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02-22-2013, 07:41 PM
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I read this site like 50 times a day and honestly so many people need to relax and think before they post. The rangers are not really in that bad of a position. I understand the rangers haven't looked that good in these games but they are getting points along the way while they try to put it all together. Richards is what he is, he should be playing much smarter with the puck and I understand that he gets paid alot of money to not have these spells

Gabby has looked like gabby. He is usually invisible if he isn't scoring but he is a consistent 40 goal scorer that will get his goals. This whole boards would be signing a different tune if gabby scored on his rebound in overtime. But thatís how hockey games go... lundqvist got scored on by two garbage SO goals ... but like I said we got a point

Honestly the whole team looks out of sink from the top stars to the rookies competing for a spot, I never join the torts bandwagon or fire him club but I read what people have to say. This is the first time im saying it but torts. Is def. the reason this team is playing the way they are. And it isn't so much his system with the grind it out games style but just his whole grip on this hockey team. the rookies don't look comfortable and confident and to be honest either do the stars. And that is because of who the rangers have behind the bench. They look to nervous to make a mistake with the puck.

Krieder looked amazing in the playoffs when torts use to "I let him play his game and do what he wants, I only tinker a little with the videos after the game " thatís what torts said last year in the playoffs and krieder looked unbelievable , people had him penciled for 40 goals which i knew was crazy but he looked that good ... now he looks out of sync and hesitant... and that from torts ... heís scared heís going to be benched .

Also a major thing with this ranger team is the defense. They are a great group of guys but they are too much of the same. no one fights no one really hits no one has a shot no one really stands out.... they are too vanilla and that is a major hole in this organization. They should trade for either a hard hitting defense man or a PMD/Hard shot defense man to play the point on the power play and blast shots 5v5

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