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02-22-2013, 07:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Bob E View Post
My favorite is when Munz says things like (last year)...

"Buff, over to wheeler, he's by the dman, right in. Shot! Score!!! Wellwood!".

Wellwood? Didn't even know he was on ice. See the highlights later, it was a 2on1 from the blue line in. Wheeler was passing it all the way. And wellwood scored a nice goal. But listening to the game, you would have no idea they had a play like that happening.

You have provided a near perfect example of how Munz "paints a picture with his words"...unclear and very little (accurate) detail.

When one watches a goal highlight after listening to his call it (honest to goodness) it rarely resembles what was described and heard.

The goal highlights that were played this morning on the Big Show of last nights Carolina/Winnipeg game were plain and simple...AWFUL! Anyone and everyone that heard how those goals were described and then subsequently were re-played over and over in the morning has to concur. AWFUL!!

This is not an individual preference issue...this is a situation that TSN1290 needs to address...and soon!

I want to start hearing the play being described...Buff at the point, passes to Wheeler in the corner, back to Buff, over to Enstrom, back to Buff, one timer, save, rebound, Kane over to Wheeler, baaaccckk to Buff, slapshot, rebound, Little SCORES!!


(...yes I can honestly and certainly say I do not like what I hear from Munz)

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