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Originally Posted by jetkarma View Post
I watched him play in Florida , and he did play well , now was he maybe inconsistent? maybe , but if you don't think he is top 6 player nothing I can say will convince and honestly it doesn't matter.

IMO he would fit in well , that doesn't mean we will take a run at him and of course he may not entertain any desire to play here , but he won't be resigned by Boston ( salary cap not performance ) and big Bruin fans that I know would without a doubt say he is a legitimate top 6 forward with size , consistency and versatility.

Now if Ryan Getzlaf is available , then my focus and want is all with him , but as I mentioned I doubt he becomes available and would cost a lot more. Horton , to me could be a very positive move for "only" cash.
He's a legit top 6 guy without a doubt, and will be paid as such this summer. My point is that the contract he gets this summer will be the contract he deserves based on his level of play in Boston the past 3 seasons. I think that based on how perfect of a situation Boston has been for him, on and off the ice, it is very unlikely he will live up to that contract over the next 5 years. Especially if he's not being carefully matched with linemates.

Horton production will always justify him as a top 6 winger, but for a team to win with him in that role there other ingredients required. I simply don't think we have those ingredients. Horton is a guy that doesn't make the players around him better, he's a
guy that needs the players around him to facilitate his effective play. What makes him valuable is when those players are in place he is very good indeed.

As far as the bruins re-signing him goes, currently they do not have the space and going forward it would be increasingly difficult. But I wouldn't count it out entirely. The bruins 3rd line is very well paid but has been disappointing. I wouldn't be surprised to see one of them out the door in the summer
if Horton was willing to take a bit of a 'hometown' discount. Obviously it seems like a stretch he'd leave money on the table but he does have an extremely strong relationship with some bruins players, Lucic in particular.

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