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02-22-2013, 08:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Kjell Dahlin View Post
I agree especially with the bolded part. Eller is in that situation because the Canadiens felt that Galchenyuk had nothing else to learn in the juniors and the mid/long terms dividends associated with him (Gal.) playing for the big club, would be positive.

Frankly, I agree with them. Galchenyuk is a Gem.

Under normal circumstances, if it was not for Galchenyuk and Gallagher, Eller would be a lock on 3rd. The guy is, right now, better than 19 years old Galchenyuk. So yes he was facing (still is) an uphill battle. An uphill battle, at 23 years old, is not the end of the world. Plus, he is slowing gaining his spot back; at 14-15 minutes per game, I really don’t see how someone can maintain that he is, currently, badly utilized.

Long story short: I mostly agree with you. The only/main difference is that I think Eller’s play is more suited for wings.
As much as every organization likes to say they don't play favorites, that everybody will be treated the same, what they do doesn't reflect that. I believe this is just a BS cliché comment that they like to say.

Galchenyuk has not been a better player than Eller this year. There was absolutely no reason for him to even start the year ahead of Eller. However, they looked at the kid and came to the conclusion that he had nothing left to learn in the Juniors, but at the same time, he has no business centering guys like White/Armstrong/Moen on the 4th line either.
What really surprised me is that I thought that at least Eller would be moved to the wing next to both Gallys. But I guess protecting both Gallys was more important to this coaching staff than giving Eller proper wingers.

This staff absolutely favored both kids over Eller. The fact Eller got scratched one game into a ''no training camp'' season really made me scratch my head. Not to mention, the whole team looked like crap (outside maybe Price and Plek).
I never understood that. Just like I'm still not understanding how Subban isn't getting
PK time.

Maybe Eller is better suited for the wing, I think he's a lot more comfortable at center, but that's normal when he's played there all his life. What we have seen though is he slowly adapted to the wing and performed much better as games went on.

Eller has played only 15min in one game in his last 6. He got 14 in the last one. Hopefully this is a trend, as he very much deserves it, but I'll wait to see if they keep his time up. However, he still isn't getting much PP time which, as I said, is the perfect spot to build offensive confidence.

But fact remains, nobody is overrating Eller.

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