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Originally Posted by AK Dandyman View Post

Before the hit:
- Clutterbuck actually had the puck right in front of himself, then puck kept bouncing,
- he started cutting to the middle diagonally and tried to use his left skate to control the puck towards the direction he's turning,
- but he missed the puck with his skate.

- Hall was already committed to going the same direction where Clutterbuck was turning.
- he could've been anticipating that Clutterbuck would be able to control the puck with skate and the puck would've been right there, but he might not have anticipated Clutterbuck would miss. Hall did not change direction right before making contact.
This is a really solid post. Well done.

The points you make above are pretty much exactly what Hall himself had to say about the play immediately after the game ( saw the puck was bouncing, saw Clutterbuck attempting to recover possession, believed Clutterbuck was going to regain possession, continued with his hit).

Looking at the hit the worst thing to me (and the reason I'm kind of OK with a minor suspension) is that its clearly late.
However, for the reasons you indicate above its easy to see why Hall (and Clutterbuck) could have believed the puck was going to bounce Cal's way.

I haven't seen Shanahan's solemn video for this suspension yet, I guess I'll go watch it now but I've totally lost faith in him as a responsible arbitrator of events. Its a shame because I think everyone thought Shanny was going to be a big improvement over his goofy predecessors.

I guess we just have to resign ourselves to the fact that the NHL will always be a second tier sports league that can't get its act together on basic things like on/off ice discipline.

Originally Posted by aqib View Post
Isn't a 2 game suspension in a shortened season a lot for a guy with no prior history?
I thought about that too, but I think the disciplinary board shouldn't consider things like a lockout shortened season when determining the length of a suspension. Events on the ice should be judged on what they are.

Its is too bad that Hall is going to miss two games in such a short season, but the goal should be to set a standard of acceptable behavior that always applies.

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