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Originally Posted by Anthony P View Post
Will you cut that out.... Materazzi and Zidane both stated no racist comments were made.... the Italian interpreters said that Materazzi wished he and his family a horrible death.... they did not say Materazzi said any racist comments.... get your freaking story straight....

Now, before you freak out about wishing him and his family a horrible death.... in Italian, there are certain phrases that are equivalent to telling someone to **** off.... Right off the bat there's a phrase I use almost every day that literally translates to I hope you die by murder.... it's not meant to be interpretted word for word.... it's simply like saying FU..... Zidane probably misinterpretted.... and took it word for word and lost it.....
Honestly, just leave hunjee alone. He has no knowledge of soccer.

First he thought Zidane was a teenager when he got the red card against Saudi Arabia, beleives that every player has a similar disciplinary record as Zidane and thinks Materazzi has "great skills".

Anyone who has followed World Soccer, even a bit, would know these are the thoughts of someone who doesn't know the game.

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