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02-22-2013, 09:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Nightslyr View Post
Why does a pregame/postgame/intermission show need to be 'edgy'?

The term 'edginess' brings to mind ESPN or sports radio, which has substituted substance with glitz, noise, and stupidity. No, thank you.

All I need from Bruins broadcasts are the following:

Quick recap of the last game to provide context
Roster updates
General knowledge about the opposing team (how they're trending, any injuries/news)
League highlights and news

Ideally, Jaffe would be gone, Dale would loosen up, and the social media trainwreck segment removed, but I don't need any edginess. Especially NESN style edginess. I cringe every time I see the opening with the horrible theme song and the various Bruins players awkwardly skating/shooting through a poorly rendered CG Boston.
have i told you lately that i'd love to watch a game with you while hoisting some adult beverages?

I always tivo it and watch later so i skip most of what is being discussed, but the one major change i would make to the broadcast is one i've mentioned before, and that would be to have Pedersen down at ice level between the benches playing the Pierre Mcguire role. I know a significant portion of posters hate the guy but i absolutely love, LOVE, all that commentary he gives regarding line matching and which bench is energetic and which bench has simply given up the will to compete. Plus he sees a lot that we all at home or even those in the booth miss.

and yes, we need Nutty back.

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