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02-22-2013, 09:22 PM
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Got a good dose of Dale and Holly today and it was so refreshing. What a wonderful way to truly illustrate how empty of content Mutt and Lou is. Earlier, I was lucky enough to catch a taste of Mutt and Lou doing some hockey talk and it consisted of Mutt attempting to discuss the value of getting Alfredsson, "I just think Alfredsson's your guy" while Lou meditated in silence. Good times.

D&H lead off with ample hockey talk with Holly firing informed questions at Dale and Dale giving us like standard, knowledgeable Joe Bruin Fan responses. They bounced back and forth between hockey and basketball all day. That was like a great band getting back together with no rehearsal and just killing it. Made me realize how bland the radio landscape is nowadays between the two sports stations. I know that ship has long sailed, but D&H represented something we don't get in any time slot and maybe never will again: conversation between two intelligent sports radio pros as opposed to superficial "argument" between "personalities."

Felt good to go home again for a while there. The idea that Dale and Holly was doing what Mutt and Lou do now is straight ****ED.

Mutt on watching the NFL Draft Combine on TV: "What's really interesting to watch is when you have a guy you think is interesting."

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