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Originally Posted by nexttothemoon View Post
Krueger is now using the Magic 8-Ball system...

Does this team terminally suck and have no hope of a playoff spot this season? ● It is certain

Will we continue to consistently be sub 50% on faceoffs, be outshot regularly, continue to give away the puck in dramatic fashion every game and fail to cash in on the few opportunities we do get?● It is decidedly so

Will we lose vs Phoenix? ● Without a doubt

Will we lose our next game after that? ● Yes – definitely

Will our players continue to constantly **** up and cause turnovers that lead to crushing 3rd period letdowns... constantly snatching defeat from the jaws of victory? ● You may rely on it

Will we pass the puck constantly in geometric patterns blissfully unaware that the opposing goalie is sipping a piņa colada on the bench? ● As I see it, yes

Will we lose every ****ing game on this upcoming 9 game trip? ● Most likely

Will this team continue to refuse to take a point shot on the PP because that might lead to possible scoring chances... so as not to endanger the 1 goal per game quota? ● Outlook good

Are we the worst team in the NHL, slowly yet methodically drifting downwards towards our rightful place at the bottom of the heap like a heavy, peanut and corn encrusted turd? ● Yes

Will we be this same level of suck again next year? ● Signs point to yes

Is Tambo ever planning on doing anything to help this team out of this funk by making any type of useful & meaningful personnel changes or at a minimum waking up before the lotto show? ● Don't count on it

Do my assistant coaches have any ****ing clue what they are doing and will they ever contribute anything positive towards improving anything this team does? ● My reply is no

Will Tambo, Lowe, Mac-T, Katz and the other 118 members of this mis-management team ever see the light and try and make this team better? ● My sources say no

Will I ever get another NHL job after this ****-show in Edmonton? ● Outlook not so good

Is there any ****ing hope at all for any Oiler fan to ever see a winning NHL team here again? ● Very doubtful

Lovely micro-rant. Some accurate observations.You missed the most important majic word however, System. The place that everything catalyses from. Ours sucks, its called an adjusted hybrid and it is inferior and difficult to work with. Its never getting better than the win/loss results you will see from a trapping team. It is really an offensive trapping system designed to highlight one or two offensive gems when you are a Welfare team talentwise. I ranted for several years about it on the Oilers board until I ranted my way to a banorama, ha ha ha. I got so sick of watching an inferior system preserved by the Olde Boys Club like KingTuts left nut that I developed a better one and then kinda forced it upon them so to speak, they thought it was BadMedicine.

Three Word Solution.

NewAge Hockey System.

100% pure offensive, possesion/transition, momentum defining team that uses a two stage cycle and Active Gapping to dominate puck possesion times,and game pace, the NHS produces 40+ shots and 4+ goals per game consistantly and has an airtight low maintenance "defensive" side to it.

Because I developed the NHS to solve an Oilers specific problem utilising past and existing systems it contains all of the core values the adjusted hybrid we use now holds, and due to the NHSs evolutionary connections it is very easy to teach to players used to the hybrid systems. It is an offensive system that forces you to play its style, it picks you up off the ice after a huge punch and holds you in the air to keep you fair game and rattles you some more.

What you saw in the 56 shot game was the adjusted hybrids transition game worked to perfection, with active and accurate adjustments to the defensive breakouts, it was excellence of execution, but not realisticly something we will see consistantly , ever, because if you try to open up the offense like that your defense will collapse . Teams know how to shut down the transitions into the o-zone. Because the adjusted hybrid trys to blend set defensive schematics with creative transitional o-zone entrys there is to great a volume of data for the coaches to transfer constantly and adjust constantly and to much data for the players to integrate at gamespeed without much more instinctive NHL playreading ability and experience rosterwide. The Oilers system is high maintenance and provides inconsistant returns results wise, and always has been this way. An offensive trap is the best way to describe it. We need an Offensively Catalysed system to properly manage and utilise the talent and skill this roster posesses, this takes a special system, a NewAge Hockey System. And, ha ha ha, for two years the price has just kept going up, it started out as a freebie. Now the price is whatever DarkHorse is getting plus a game by game premium based off a 3 year contract. You want a superior system and superior Intuative Dynamic Analysis then its a supply and demand dynamic , and it seems as if there is only one supply and untold potential demand.

The Yotes also use an adjusted hybrid and are very easy to match up with systemwise for us right now, they have added two consistant approaches to their offense that are pure Wayne Gretzky, and once you stop those two tactics they are easy pickings. They will be easy to force into a run and gun style game which is obviously what we want every night with our skill level, we are hindered in the fact that teams can choose to remain in defensive mode with the adjusted hybrid as LA did and then its always a 1-1 type trap result, if we can lure or force them tacticly to choose the offensive activation of the adjusted hybrid then we have an immediate edge, the only one we can get with this system, it really does stifle our talent and skillsets the diametric opposite of what the managment intention is, this is a historic symptom in Edmonton. On the morning GDT pre-game I will post the data and adjustments needed to stop their two offensive keys and I will then post the two things we need to do to force them to choose run and gun. At least we will have a fighting chance if we properly manage this wreck of a system we use now. If we even try the crap we have iced lately in terms of defensive zone exit managment Shane Doan will deflect a hattrick past our tender. Their system is closer to the NHS than ours is, their adjusted hybrid initiates its offense a lot like ours does when it is zoned in but it uses a different sequence of transitions and set plays. They reverse it and use set plays in the o-zone, and spread the creativity out everywhere else. An interesting way to try to make a crappy system better but still easy to stop and control.

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