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02-22-2013, 09:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Agnostic View Post
I did watch that interview and how gracious and careful Karlsson was.

I am truly puzzled at how so many have rushed to give Cooke some plausible deniability on this hit. The position of his hands and skate are so unnatural that it cannot be explained other than an attempt to mask a dangerous play.

I am furious and I am not even a Sens fan. The fact that this player can play in this league just enforces some of the complaints that the NHL is amateurish and inconsistent in it's enforcement of rules. Karlsson should be playing not this menace.
I'm not a Sens fan either,...but I'm just as frustrated and boggled as you,..about the behaviour of the "so-called" hockey media and hockey world regarding their obnoxious behaviour over this reckless cheap shot. The video makes the perpetraitor look as guilty as sin. At best,'s an extremetly questionably pin. For all the "hockey experts?" and "hockey media" give Cooke the benefit of the doubt on this, bordering on insanity. I wonder what all these "all knowing hockey genius' will say,....when down the road,...the real truth finally comes out. The only way Cooke will be out of the league, if someone takes him out.

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