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02-22-2013, 10:13 PM
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I had no idea the Celtics were raising ticket prices until I read it on here. We just renewed our C's corner balcony seats that we've had for 6 years and they're still the same price as when we first got them, $30 each. They've never gone up and didn't go up for us this year, I wonder why ours stayed the same but some people who have $22 seats are going all the way up to $30 which I think is ridiculous. The cool thing is they offered the same deal as what they did the last couple years with the flat rate playoff tickets along with renewing next season. All playoff tickets are $40 regardless of what round they're in. I don't have a ton of confidence in them making the NBA Finals but wouldn't be so bad having finals tickets for $40 each, happened a couple years ago and almost happened again last year!

I actually thought this year would be brutal for selling the Celtics games we couldn't make it to but by getting a little creative selling some to friends, some on craigslist and some one stubhub we still came out significantly ahead and were able to go to a few of games too. I really don't see the Celtics market going any lower next year than it was this year. Primarily the same team, they'll compete and they'll have Rondo back. Won't really be a rebuilding year quite yet. And of course the games against the Lakers, Knicks and Heat will still be a worth a ton as usual.

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