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Originally Posted by awesomeguy View Post
It never ceases to amaze how little people who make the ticketing decisions for sports team actually know about ticketing and customer demand and customer satisfaction.

I was planning on dropping my $65 row 12 aisle Loge seats for the Celtics next year. Even if they reduced the price I dont think it would be worth. The idea that they are raising prices and busting people's balls is crazy.

Garnett is going to retire. They are going to be in no man's land for awhile. They wont get lottery picks and they are a serious playoff team. Its mind boggling that people at sitting in the offices right now and thinking about raising prices.

Ill let them go this year and buy them back next year for 40% less and see free vouchers and a complimentary take Brandon Bass to your kid's school appearance.

I guarantee Looch could raise ticket revenue if he was director of ticketing for any of the four teams here. Instead they usually have some cooch with a liberal arts degree and a pair of dockers running the show.
I agree with most of your post. Especially the last part. The one thing I will say is that in these organizations being in the ticket department is by far the least desirable area to work. If you talk to an employee of a sports team and ask them about tickets they will take offense and adamantly assert that they're not in tickets. To people who work for sports teams being in tickets is like someone who works in a school being a janitor. All the other front office jobs (not even basketball/hockey ops related) are far more coveted in pro sports organizations and even colleges.

I am not too adversely effected but someone who spends roughly the same as me or a little more and has all cheap seats is getting it stuck to them big time (unless they are Ace or someone with a 6 figure account I assume.) If I get rows 4-6 for my balconies at the upgrade I'll be happy to pay 4 bucks more per ticket. Now that probably isn't fair to the guy who has had seats for 10 years and has to drop down to 6 from having more and I am next to him but I aint complaining.

I don't think the Eastern Conference is good enough for the team to do worse than they have this season regardless of the team actually being better or worse.

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