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12-19-2003, 06:55 AM
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OT: Fassel and the G men

Now I would like to start the contreversy by saying that Fassel's firing was RIDICULOUS. And I'd like to argue my point, see what you guys have to say about it, and have some fun doing it.

First of all, as a Giants fan, this season I've been DISGUSTED with the teams preformance. It's not when the other team beats them, its when they do lazy things like miss tackles on defense and special teams (the philly game is not Feagles' fault, he's been the MVP in my opinon), blown assignments (the loss to Dallas monday night again is not the kickers fault, bryant should have never caught a 30 yard pass), and the showboating. I'm sick of Shockey acting like a moron, ESPECIALLY WHEN WE'RE LOOSING!!! I'm sick of the line backers and d-line celebrating every time they make a routine tackle. I'm also sick of them not listening and continuing to make these blundering plays every week.

However I dont think it was Jim Fassel's fault. This year I knew was destined for failure a few games in when I realized the line was not good enough, despite all the press they were getting. I didn't come close to predicting this kind of meltdown, but I didn't expect them to get passed one round of the playoffs. This team has been DECIMATED by injuries. These last few games, we got guys in there who are not good enough to be in the NFL. The whole secondary is trying hard and playing hard, they are just not good enough.

Fassel AND THE GM took a gamble on the O-line, hoping that they would come together, develope some chemistry, and become a solid unit. Didn't happen.

It wasn't Fassel who kept running out of the pocket like a little girl whenever it got hot. Collin's doesn't have the balls to take a hit to make the play. The Redskins had a terrible line, but Ramsey took the hits and had himself a good year with all things considered. Fassel doesn't keep fumbling, thats Tiki Barber. Now, it may be that he went to UVA, but I feel like he should take some initiative to solve his fumbling problem. Just on a side note, why can't Collins spend a half an hour a day, JUST 30 MINUTES A DAY doing some agility drills and running? I dont understand QB's that can't learn how to run.

I'm ranting here. My point is there has to be a point where we put the blame on the players and not the coach. No one is a better coach for that team than Fassel. Everything that could have gone wrong this year did, and things like that happen. Mara should have held a press conference and said "To all the fans with the signs and the chants, to the all the sports writers, THIS IS OUR GUY. This is our coach. He's gonna be our coach next season. He's brought this team from a joke to a super bowl caliber team. This year, everything that could have gone wrong did. I'm saying it's a flop and I'm not going to give up Fassel just because of one bad year. If next year we see similar results, then maybe a change is necessary. However, right now, like it our not, he's our guy. He's earned this position and one bad season isn't going to change that." Then they should have, together, drafted either Rothesberger or Kevin Jones, shored up the O-line and special teams in the draft or with FAs, let everyone get healthy, and give this thing another shot.

I don't feel firing Fassel was the best thing for this team. In pro sports today that seems to be the trend but I feel this will yeild negative results that might take a period of team to rebound from. Only time will tell now, but thats how I feel. What does everyone else thinK?

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