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02-22-2013, 10:46 PM
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I just bought a pair of Bauer Supreme Elite Jr. size 5.5 E. They are technically used but they are in perfect condition, no scuffs or anything. I had my foot measured and tried out a bunch of skates and these fit the best. Had them baked (was told by the girl in the tech shop to stand in my skates, but I've heard this is wrong... did I damage my skates).

Looks like a pair I could pull right out a box. However I was wearing previously a pair of Easton (can't remember name) size 7.5 E. They were my first pair of hockey skates and the guy selling them to me said that skates should be 2 sizes smaller than my shoe size. I am a 9.5 shoe and so went with the 7.5 not knowing they were way too big. The guy never actually measured my foot (which should have clued me in to begin with) however I was 17 year old girl and had no clue what I was looking for.

I went skating today and notice a few thing right off the bat about my new skates:

1. I seem to be 'rocking' a lot more in the skate. When accelerating or just plain skating I find myself feeling like I am falling forward or backwards. And the feel of the ice is completely different. (However I was only on for hr due to the rink closing).

2. My left ankle is getting dug into from both sides of the heel, right under the heel bone (one that sticks out). It is actually kinda painful; however the skate fits everywhere else (toes just brushing when standing up, enough room in the width of the toe cap and no pressure anywhere else). My heels have almost no movement when tied up. My right ankle notices some discomfort but not much.

What can I do about this? and did I make a good choice? I am currently a recreation skater (2-3 times a week for 2-4 hrs) and am looking at getting into Ringette. I a descent skater (I can do crossovers, stop, skate backwards and everything) but no extremely aggressive yet.

Also I am now 24 years old and weigh quite a bit, I don't look
overly heavy but I am on the bigger side. Are these skates too soft. The guy that sold me them said they were the stiffest that the store had in my size.

Please let me know if I can do anything about the rocking and pressure. Or do I just have to suffer through it and get used to the skates?

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