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02-22-2013, 11:51 PM
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Originally Posted by IndianHeadSweater View Post
Are you serious? Again, I point to Derrick Rose. How many games do you think Rose and people in his neighborhood took in?

Hockey fans are basically privileged by definition. You basically didn't play hockey unless you were middle class at worst. Most Chicago citizens don't know the first thing about hockey, because they were never in any position to play it. For someone who claims to understand economics, it's pretty odd that you'd confuse demand with popularity in general terms. Impoverished people in the third world don't spend much for clean water, even though they die without it. Reason? They can't. The Hawks fanbase is white and upper middle class. Even with far fewer fans, they can bid up prices on 19,000 seats.
Popularity -> Demand -> Prices. (Popularity is reflected in demand. Demand is reflected in prices.)

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