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Originally Posted by CrazyEddie20 View Post
Generally, radio deals in the minor leagues work two ways - the team pays the radio station to air the games for the airtime, and the team gets advertising on that station/group of stations as well as cross-promotion. As well, the team generally gets to sell the advertising inventory during the game broadcasts and the coaches show (if they have one.)

Having the broadcasts being internet-only is basically a guaranteed money-loser unless the team draws huge crowds and has a fan base that follows the team closely. That said, a team with a GM/Sales manager that understands that the broadcast is part of the product can bring in a lot of extra revenue by selling the advertising inventory created by the broadcast, or using it as an incentive to push other corporate sponsorship packages. There's at least one team in the ECHL that brings in six-figure revenue from the radio broadcast. If you have a good announcer and a good sales staff, having an over-the-air broadcast is only an asset.
The reality is what ends up happening with MOST teams is that the radio spots (or internet broadcast spots) are lumped in to sponsorship proposals with the view that nobody will actually pay for these spots as a stand-alone opportunity, so you might as well use them to project an added value to potential clients who are evaluating becoming/renewing/expanding their corporate partnerships with your team..

I'm blown away by your statement that a AA hockey team manages to generate over $99,999.99 in ad revenue as a result of their radio broadcasts.. The most loyal fans are, of course, already at the home games.. and for road games they will almost always watch the game on video either by 1) attending a "watch party" at a local sponsor's establishment with other fans (video feed of the game over the internet that the establishment puts on their TVs); or 2) pay to watch the game on video in their homes..

Radio (or audio-only over the internet) is honestly a last-option.. at least in my experience..

I'm not saying I doubt you.. $100k+ in CASH -- from the radio broadcast ALONE?

I pay homage to that team's sales staff.

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