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Originally Posted by thebinne4pres View Post
Well said....

Ice time is everything in hockey to evaluate the production of a player.

Can't expect Eller who played 14minutes with 3m30 in PK to produce as much as Plek or DD who played 18-20minutes minutes with 3m30 in PP.

If those playing the top minutes put up 60 points.....those playing bottom minutes are incredible player if they hit 40 points
Weak argument.

Put the 60 points player against the lesser competition that face the 40 points players, and you have a 80 points player.

Put those40 points players again the top shutdown line that face the 60 points players and see what happen..

What is wrong with the utilisation of Eller? He is getting good wings, have a low-pressure role right now, doing is job well, but it's not like he is playing in a way that SCREAM top 6 players.

DD-Pac are a solid duo, there is no debate here, and there is no reason right now to break it. The Habs are not at the bottom of the East right now, 100% minded on the developpement of their rookie at the cost of everything. They play to win, and switching Eller with DD just to see what Eller might be able to do is just plain stupid. We are not playing pre-season game anymore.

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