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07-14-2006, 09:21 PM
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first of...
italy played a beautiful WC
they finally played like the team they are on paper...every year they have ana amzing team but too many primadonnas and they fail...this year they played as a unit and look what they did...

second remember Zidane was walking away than materazzi said something to set him off...and italian lip reader stated him saying something about him being a terrorists and insults to his parents and sister.

third zidane or canavaro diserved the golden ball this year...while i agree zidane ws almost absent the 1st 2 games and the goals he scored we 2 of 3 penalty shots...but SO WHAT??? he rallied his tam and was the best player on every field during the knockout phase...BAR NONE
Zagorakis did not score a single goal in euro 04 but was voted man of the euro why cause he led his team as did zidane and canavaro...sentimental favoritism got him the tie break from canavaro...(not saying he didnt diserve it though)

Finally Materazzi is the dirtiest player or atleast one of the dirtiest players to ever step foot on the pitch...this was his title BEFORE WC 06 so people who know a thing or two call him dirty cause they've seen him and know him before this not only cause of the final game...before the WC started me and 3 of my italian friends were talking about how dirty he is and about different instances we remember one being the on on the video where he steps on the guys back...

so for all those people who are getting their panties in a bunch....

Italy diserved it as would of France
Materazzi Diserved it as he has a legacy of being dirty before this
Zidane did not let his team down...he's only human
Zidane was no undiserving of the golden ball

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