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02-22-2013, 11:40 PM
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Originally Posted by GrandChelems View Post
...unless someone offers an alternate point of view. Look, there were lots of folks in the Jets family traumatized by the whole thing and would just much rather it not be the big buzz. But you're right you have every right to talk about it, as I'm sure if your mother was run over by a bus you'd have no problem if a bunch of guys sit around a table and have chat about how it were either her bones or organs which were crushed, how much blood she lost, and how it was dealt with it. Just a chat, you know.
If my mother had a pseudo-celebrity status, and she survived? Or say it was me who was involved in this accident? Honestly it probably would not bother me at all if some strangers on the internet discussed it in non-offensive manner. There's no attack on character here or anything I find offensive. In this day it would be totally expected. Nice try though.

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