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02-22-2013, 11:47 PM
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Originally Posted by harpoon View Post
I stay off the main boards as a rule. Not much to see there.
I just picked one of those threads that SephF posted above and read through it ... NHL needs to change the rules because Edmonton sucks.
I thought it wasn't that bad.

I have been against losing on purpose for draft picks since day one, and one of the main reasons I was against it was that losing sewers the reputation of this franchise. I don't want Edmonton to be one of those loser franchises that always has an asterisk next to it because they sucked their way to SC. I told posters here that Tamby and Katz would lead us to laughingstock territory and sure enough that's where we are.

Lest you think fans around the NHL forget look how quickly the guy from Pittsburgh got jumped on in that thread when he decided to join the Oiler bashing party. Fans remember who built their teams through hard work and who just took the easy way. Any SC victories we may win on the backs of these lotto picks will be tainted in the eyes of many many NHL fans .

Its the price the franchise pays for hiring a goof as GM and losing on purpose for three straight years. If people can't accept that the franchise is going to be looked at negatively because of their atrocious record over the last four seasons then maybe they should just stay off the main boards.
I have to seriously wonder why you care so much about what other fans think. Yes, let's be like the Leafs who are perpetual losers and have been for like 2 entire generations. Or maybe Vancouver who has never even tasted victory despite drafting their core from the lottery.

Or Ottawa who had FIVE seasons drafting top 3 and whose franchise should be considered colossal historic failures 2nd only to Toronto.

Fact of the matter is we had ZERO choice. Claiming you "knew management would make us laughing stock". I would love to hear your brilliant plan to bring us out of the black hole of post-Pronger Oilers who couldn't attract a free agent if relocation depended on it.

If you're going to be sooo ashamed of the Oil once they become something to cheer for then why don't you leave now? Are you some kind of masochist or something? Do you think it's easy to put up with a team this bad for so long?

If we win a Cup I'm shoving it down every one's throat for as long as I live!

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