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02-23-2013, 12:01 AM
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Originally Posted by avs1dacup View Post
Disagree with this. Jones yes, but Stastny has been pretty consistent this year. His linemates simply can't finish. He's also been a bit of a streaky player throughout his career. I think we'll see a pretty significant increase in not only scoring chances but points with him playing with Landy.
Stastny is always consistent. It's his seeming inability to ratchet his game up when the team needs him that I have a problem with. I've never been a Stastny basher since he came on the team, but it comes to a point where what you see is what you get with a guy.

Unless he plays with highly talented players, he underperforms most of the time. Obviously everyone plays better with better players, but he plays basically the same all the time, it just depends on if his linemates can cash in. That's not good enough for a guy with the kind of expectations he has. He needs to make plays happen. He needs to step up really. His mild mannered personality doesn't help him in this regard.

He crosses the blueline with the puck the same way every game, he makes the same little plays behind the net every game, he makes the same inaccurate swipes at loose pucks every game. If Jones is being his natural inconsistent self, then nothing is gonna click. A centerman doesn't have that luxury. He needs to drive the play, and make things happen.

Sacco can't seem to push him in the way that this team needs from him. He's just basically the same every game. Not bad, but not terribly great either. Just Staz. They need more, and he's capable of more, and I put that on both Sacco and Stastny.

Originally Posted by avs1dacup View Post
This I actually disagree with. There have been plenty of periods throughout his tenure that the team has played strong in all three zones. They are very capable of playing a strong game, however, we haven't seen it for a full 60 minutes nor stretches of games. I think this falls onto a bigger reason that he's not a good coach and that's his inability to adjust both on the fly in between periods.
I really disagree with this. They're lucky if they can play one period of solid all around hockey. Otherwise they're being too aggressive and too wide open, leading to break downs and too many quality chances against, or they're playing too simple and dumping it in, and getting no real quality chances of their own.

He can't find a balance to save his life. He lets them open it up when it wins games, and then when it naturally starts to lose them games, he has them tighten it up, and then they can't score. He has no strategy or system. He's not proactive, he's reactive, and can't get them to play consistent winning hockey.

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