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02-23-2013, 12:22 AM
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Too many of his moves scream "amateur hour" to me, which wouldn't bother me if this were his first season, but he's still doing them in his FOURTH year.

1. Rewards effort over smart play. This is the only explanation as to why Hunwick keeps getting big minutes.

2. Never, ever, EVER changes a lineup after a win, no matter how bad some players may have played in that win. Only when injuries force his hand does he switch players out following a W.

I'll at least give him credit for employing a fun brand of hockey when given the right tools to do so. I don't think there are many here who can say he's been given the proper talent to succeed, especially this year. That all said, it's just my opinion that he's not the guy to take them to the next level. Barring another plummet to the bottom of the standing, I imagine he'll be the guy once again come 2013-14. But if he stumbles THEN, I don't think he'll last long at all. Injuries, Varlamov's play, and the boundless determination of Matt Duchene have more or less saved his job so far this season.

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