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02-23-2013, 12:39 AM
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Originally Posted by KingCanadain1976 View Post
Yes i dont want to see nolan on the 3rd line you sir are correct. Hes playing the least amount of mins and leads this team in fights so to me hes the enforcer type to me. I'm not saying that king or ellerby are fights just they can fight if need to. This team has tuffness all over it. Even richards will stand up for teammates So losing his tuffness for a few games in order to improve the skill on this team is something needed imo. I also suggest that in the west there isnt as many true heavyweights as u think there is.

Next i ve been watching hockey over 30 years. I also played to the midget level. I totally disagree to ur that postions are outdated. Where as i agree that some players can play more then one postion brown lw rw Lewis center rw ( not sold on him at lw yet) There are players that dont play other sides well at all Look at stoll trying to play wing last year Yes he played it but he was no wear near as effective as he is center.

Next im not sure wheather Mursak is or isnt more skilled If you read my first post on the matter i said if he was better i would consider putting a claim in. Gagne has played very little on the right side and is exactly the same as putting stoll on the wing Hes not as effective period. Richardson could play there and i would perfer him over seeing Nolan if it mean keeping him off the line. I would think that if dean put a claim in he would see Murak as a upgrade on that side as well. Nolans love around here is something i dont understand. All summer people were trying to say trade cifford over him Im glad dean is in charge of this team instead of the armchair people in here. Again this is my opinion which i have the same right to say as yours.
So when exactly is Nolan playing on the 3rd line? I don't see the problem here.

The guy is an ideal 4th liner, and if you remove him to take a chance on some guy who looks like a Richardson clone, that weakens the entire 4th line, beyond that, when you claim a guy you are required to keep him on the pro roster for (I believe) 30 days, so if Mursak doesn't work out, we are stuck with him for a bit. We could recall Nolan maybe, but then we really have a clogged roster.

I could side with you if you were for waiving Richardson to take a shot at Mursak, but Nolan? Just because he doesn't have to clear waivers? That's not a good reason to send someone down who is working fine on this roster.

And regarding Stoll, he may not work on the wing (I disgaree, but whatever) but he's more the exception than the rule as you know. The fact we have -as you put it- 7 LWers means nothing, the vast majority could easily slide to another wing.

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