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Usage Stats:
RelQoC: level of difficulty in match-ups
OZS: percentage of shifts that start in the offensive zone (higher = easier)

Results Stats:
Corsi: differential like +/- but includes shots, blocked shots and missed shots, and is per TOI
RelCorsi: difference between team's Corsi when on the ice and team's Corsi when player is not on ice
SF/60: shots for per 60 mins of play
SA/60: shots against per 60 mins of play
G/60: players goals per 60 mins of play
A1/60: players primary assits per 60 mins of play
P/60: players points per 60 mins of play
Fenwick: differential like Corsi, but does not include blocked shots (since blocked shots can be a repeatable team strategy)
CF + CA + CF%: these are just Corsi events (so shots, blocked shots, goals, and missed shots); CF is CorsiFor; CA is CorsiAgainst; CF% is a ratio CF/(CF+CA)

The site I use for stats ( doesn't have everyones position correct, many players who play wing are still marked as centres. So, I had to make an assumption that the players who are placed incorrectly are somewhat evenly dispersed through all skill levels (4th line Wright all the way up to 1st line Eberle). To work for this, the cutt-off for what line your player is on depends on the number of people pooled to that position. I gathered if player 'A' is in top quarter there, then they are most likely in the top third in actuality.

I didn't do Tangradi (this or last year) + Bogosian (this year) due to not fitting in my arbitrary sample size cut-off.

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