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Originally Posted by sully1410 View Post
I hear alot of people talk on this board about how loyal True North is, and how thy are loyal to the people they a fault.

Loyalty...that's an interesting notion, lets talk about that shall we?

The only loyalty that this ownership group should be worried about is its loyalty to its fans. They have a duty and a responsibility to ice the best team that they. They have a responsibility to garner results for the fan base.

Maybe Im off base, but I EXPECT this team to make the playoffs; if not this year, then next. I EXPECT this team to win a Stanley Cup in the net few years...and I EXPECT this ownership group to do what is necessary to make that happen.

If they have to fire Pearn... **** just do it already. If Noel is working out. If they have to make some big trades and tough decisions. Fine. Do what you gotta do.

I, personally, will be up in arms if this is an ownership group that is unwilling to do that.

I've maintained my thought process from the beginning. They have 3-5years to make this team successful, and if they want to keep lining their pockets with cash...this team has to win. Plain and simple.

This Jets team does not have the luxury of putting together a bunch of losing seasons in a row.

They need to win.

So if Noel isn't getting it done...I'm not saying one way or tother, then he needs to go. Just because they hired the guy does not mean that they won't fire the guy if its not working.

This team is good enough to make the playoffs. I know it is. But sooner or later, having pro hockey back in the Peg won't be enough to get 90% of the population excited anymore. That loyalty just hasn't been grown yet.
No team should be expected to win the cup.

A cup win requires a combination of elite talent and good fortune. TNSE may build a greay team, but I don't expect them to control chance.

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