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02-23-2013, 01:03 AM
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Originally Posted by smackdaddy View Post
I have to seriously wonder why you care so much about what other fans think.
I don't. I'm not the one crying about how main board posters are so mean to us.
Fact of the matter is we had ZERO choice.
False. There's always a choice. Katz and Tamby chose the easiest way, and if I may say so, the cheapest way.
Claiming you "knew management would make us laughing stock". I would love to hear your brilliant plan to bring us out of the black hole of post-Pronger Oilers who couldn't attract a free agent if relocation depended on it.
I did know it, and my post history on this site will bear that out.
I think anyone with management experience and a love for hockey could have done a better job than Tamby.
If you're going to be sooo ashamed of the Oil once they become something to cheer for then why don't you leave now?
Why don't you simmer down son. I was watching Oilers hockey when Gretzky couldn't shave and I expect I'll be here long after the "tank for ----" crowd are long gone. Besides I never said I was ashamed of the Oilers. I'm ashamed that we hired Tamby. I'm ashamed that our owner and management have dragged this franchise through the mud. But I'd never be ashamed of the jersey.

However fans of other teams (main board posters) are (rightfully) going to have a field day with the sad sack record this team has fumbled its way to over the last four seasons. That you or anyone else would expect anything different is surprising.
Are you some kind of masochist or something? Do you think it's easy to put up with a team this bad for so long?
No. I'm not a greedy little me first raised on TV spoiled whiner either. I realize that a thirty team league is going to have some losers. I realize that hard work isn't always proportionally rewarded and I can wait for my team to win again honestly so long as I can see that every effort is being made to get better.
If we win a Cup I'm shoving it down every one's throat for as long as I live!
No comment ....

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