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02-23-2013, 02:04 AM
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Originally Posted by kingsfan View Post
So when exactly is Nolan playing on the 3rd line? I don't see the problem here.

The guy is an ideal 4th liner, and if you remove him to take a chance on some guy who looks like a Richardson clone, that weakens the entire 4th line, beyond that, when you claim a guy you are required to keep him on the pro roster for (I believe) 30 days, so if Mursak doesn't work out, we are stuck with him for a bit. We could recall Nolan maybe, but then we really have a clogged roster.

I could side with you if you were for waiving Richardson to take a shot at Mursak, but Nolan? Just because he doesn't have to clear waivers? That's not a good reason to send someone down who is working fine on this roster.

And regarding Stoll, he may not work on the wing (I disgaree, but whatever) but he's more the exception than the rule as you know. The fact we have -as you put it- 7 LWers means nothing, the vast majority could easily slide to another wing.
Ive seen him play on the 3rd with richards the other game also with stoll alot during the game. I am not trying to move him from the 4th line per say I just want someone with skill playing the 3rd and with both lewis and nolan playing the bottom two spots we dont. I see lewis as more valueable then nolan. He plays valuable pk time and saved at least 5 goals ( ive seen him stop open net shots) . To me the real issue is to many left wingers so we have to play nolon or lewis on the 3rd lw Ideal i want the bottom 6 to look like this

penner/gagne stoll (new player with skill)
lewis fraser nolan

I m also not saying moving nolan to the ahl is a prement situation I would put him there till we can get a trade of a lw perfer richardson or king who would have more value but i want something for them not waving them. We need a defensive vetern for the defense. This is the same sorta thing we did with voynov and martinez we sent them to the ahl till we could work a roster spot for them .

I dont see anyone other then brown able to play the rw spot even thou imo hes proven hes better on the lw. I do however find this point mute as i dont see mursak falling to us in a wavier attempt. I guess we ll have to agree to disagree as i dont see penner gagne clifford king playing the right side as well as the left. All im saying is we need skill speed on the wing and murask may not be it but someone needs to be it.

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