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02-23-2013, 01:23 AM
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Originally Posted by joelef View Post
MLS is already 5th and averages over 18000 .
i don't care if it's 5th.. their tv ratings are horrible and no one watches that crap except immigrants and a very few americans.. in montreal, the impact here in MLS drew 62,000 i believe at a game this yr against galaxy. they were 3rd in attendance this yr. people who read that, will think MTL is a big soccer town.. yet this city never talks soccer. we hate it. my buddy went to that game and told me all the greeks, portugese and other ethnic communities were at that game. no one else. in terms of fan interest in the U.S and tv ratings, no one has the patience to watch that crap. it's a slow slow boring game. americans will never make it a popular sport. they just hate it. and don't tell me it had a bigger attendance avg than nba and nhl.. who cares.. does that mean it's more popular than NBA?? hell no.. they also play in bigger stadiums and less games.. and tickets are cheaper. it's all about tv ratings.. and no one watches that..

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