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Originally Posted by Dreakmur View Post
Oatman had a 30 year career.... and a peak that smashes Rene Robert's.
30 years looks less impressive again when you add up everywhere they ever played... seriously... you are taking Oatman from 21 in the NHA to when he was playing third-tier leagues... there are eleven years I can see out of that chunk when he was not playing in one of the top three leagues in the world... what does that count for I wonder and how is it relevant...

Rene Robert looks like a winner because he is at an advantage. Why not look at 1965-1974 and see where Robert ranks there?
So we can never look at chunks of time, even if they are a decade's worth and follow a defined era... again, an interesting rule... I will remember it... I also remember that 320 games > 648...

It's not about what you are allowed to do, it's about understanding how impressive (or not) something is.
And it's pretty impressive he was during his career a top seven RW in the NHL... or are we not allowed to look at careers as a whole anymore... I can't remember... so many new rules I did not know...

You may not have deliberately cherry-picked, but the result is the same. Robert is at an advantage.
So it's an unfair advantage to look at a decade of play that happens tocoincide with his career... but we should be looking at a chunk like '1965 to 1974' when he was not yet an NHL regular...

Rick Martin was one of the top few LWs in the game. Is Kharlamov one of the top few LWs in this draft? As I said, it depends who you ask.

Personally, I wouldn't say a guy who could only lead a second-rate league in scoring once is one of the best LWs of all time.
Ignoring that this is oversimplified... shocking coming from someone who boosts a player from the PCHA and a patchwork of stats from yesteryear leagues...

If the requirement to be one of the best LWs of all-time is to lead the NHL in scoring... well... Daniel Sedin and Roy Conacher should be first round picks...

You said he was going to play with Kharlamov and Hawerchuk...
Or with KLM.. on the POWERPLAY...

Doesn't matter anyway, he's not a very good 3rd liner either.
Right... we would have been better off with a 6 x Fred J. Hume Cup Winner... or a guy who led his team in goals one time in 1952...

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