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Originally Posted by IslesRock4 View Post
The Islanders' current salary payroll is about $53M. The minimum is $44M. Even if DiPietro's $4.5M completely disappeared by a team claiming him, the Islanders would be more than fine. If the Islanders were to give him a compliance buyout right now, $3.6M of his cap hit would count towards the Islanders' cap for the rest of the season (see: Redden and Gomez). Again, more than fine.

Nabokov is not a top 10 goalie anymore but he is still more than serviceable. The Islanders are not going to be sending out young players for Luongo. They are not in a win-now mode.

Oh, and are you sure Thomas isn't playing well? I hear he's gotten a couple shutouts while sitting on his couch playing NHL 13.
Actually I must admit that Thomas hasn't lost a game this season.

It was my understanding that salary floor was $48.3 million when the cap was set at $64 million, but I may be wrong.

As I mentioned, if such a trade does happen, I believe the Canucks (especially Gillis)would prefer to keep Luongo and the Islanders would prefer the younger Cory Schnieder. With decent goal tending the Islanders are not that far off being a decent team. You have good depth in your prospect pool. The trouble is the Islanders won't gel as a team while hoping for older goalies to provide adiquate goal tending and your younger goalies are still a number of years away in development of an NHL level even as back up. Push them now and they likely won't develop properly or reach their potential. Equally continuing to allow the team as a whole to expect to fail over the next few years will only teach them losing is acceptable.

I believe it is far more critical than you think that your team acquires a goalie, whether from the Canucks or from another team, that is strong enough to keep the Islanders in the game until the buzzer ends the game. That will bring out the best in your young quality forwards and defensemen.

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